Monday, July 21, 2008

My Office is a Mess

Here is a quick summary of my office...

On my desk.

- Candy Jar
- Holiday Pools Squirt Buggy Keys
- Parker's Pickup Keys
- Scorcher's Tundra Keys
- My cold medicine
- Ipod
- Sunglasses
- Computer, Phone, Speakers, Stapler, Tape Dispenser, Papers, Business Cards, Post-It Notes, Scissors, Two-way Radio, Tennis Ball, Phone Extensions and Play-Doh.

Everywhere else.

- Towels, T-Shirts, Underwear, Magazines, Febreze, Refrigerator, Bottled Water, Gatorade, Crutches, Bobbleheads, Toiletries, Silly String, Couch, Microwave, TV, Cooler, Scale, Skydiving Harness, Squirt Gun, Toilet Seat, Autograph Cards, Banners, Little Kids Pictures, Repair Kit and of course, my air mattress.

This is a normal office right???