Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Phanatic, Andruw Jones and Dinger

What do these three characters have in common?

All have been visitors to my home here at Chukchansi Park and only one of them has been a welcome guest! Obviously, my welcomed guest was the legendary Phillie Phanatic.

The game on Aug. 16th with the Phanatic was a dream come true for me! On the same field as the guy who pioneered the mascot business, pinch me now! If you were lucky enough to have gone to the game, you saw the Phanatic retain his title as best mascot in baseball by being able to finish the Balance Beam of Greatness, while I failed once again to cross it.

For Andruw Jones and Dinger (who should be coming here on the 23rd), these two weren't welcomed guests and let's all be clear I despise both of them, Dodgers and Rivercat.

Make sure to come out on the 23rd as Dinger gets shown some true Fresno hospitality!

Parker out.

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